Fog rising from the Atlantic, engulfing the landscape.

Wind Turbines (from series)

I have always liked to walk and carry my sleeping and eating gear on my back. It was fun. But during the pandemic, it became a kind of necessity, a form of freedom, and the safest way to travel. Now I can´t imagine traveling any other way. Dan and I have covered almost 1,000 kilometers of European long- distance routes. The slow pace of walking allows one to get to know the landscape more slowly, more intimately, and more closely. When walking, the rhythm of the day completely changes. The pilgrim has to deal with elementary existential questions: What am I going to eat? Where is the nearest source of drinking water? Where will I lay down my head today? Am I not wandering? One is detached from the immaterial virtual and the many artificial problems that plague one´s life. Walking is a form of meditation, it brings one back to the material everyday and to basic existential questions.

Ondrej Čechvala

professional photographer
I was born in Pieštany, but I’m currently living in Brno. I divide my work into commercial (mainly weddings) and my own projects.